Winter Solstice: Quellen und Inspirationen

Quellen, Inspirationen und weiterführende Überlegungen

Viele unserer Ideen für die Winter Solstice sind aus der Rationality-Community (LessWrong) übernommen.

“It is tradition, in the community of those who seek to become more rational, to gather one night of each year, and sing. We do this close to the winter solstice, which is the longest, darkest night of the year; and, gathered as a community, we stare into and confront the darkness. This consists of participatory singing and a few short speeches, following an emotional arc from light to darkness and back to light again.”

Einige Artikel, die sich mit den Secular Winter Solstices in der Rationality-Community beschäftigen:

Weitere inspirierende Texte:

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