All through the Night

(Ar Hyd y Nos ist ein walisisches Volkslied. Zwei Beispiele der Melodie auf Youtube. Es gibt viele verschiedene Übersetzungen und Varianten des Textes, wir nehmen natürlich die ohne starken Gottesbezug.)

Deep the silence ’round us spreading
all through the night.

Dark the path that we are treading
all through the night.
Still the coming day discerning
by the hope within us burning.
To the dawn our footsteps turning
all through the night.

Star of hope the dark adorning
all through the night.
Leads us fearless t’wards the morning
all through the night.
Though our hearts be wrapt in sorrow,
from the hope of dawn we borrow
promise of a glad tomorrow
all through the night.

Look, my love, the stars are smiling
All through the night.
Lighting, soothing and beguiling
Earth’s sombre plight:
So, when age brings grief and sorrow,
From each other we can borrow
Hope for our sublime tomorrow,
All through the night

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